Total control Integral 4K60 444 600MHz

HDfury integral List of Custom EDID available. 

Since FW, User can now select an EDID from all below EDID tables or force the creation of an Automix EDID with below options. 

[FIXED EDID with L/R stereo]
1080p-444 148MHz Stereo 

1 – Custom Uploaded/Default EDID
2 – 4k60-444 600MHz HDR BT.2020 All Sound
3 – 4k60-444 600MHz HDR BT.2020 Stereo
4 – 4k60-444 600MHz All Sound
5 – 4k60-444 600MHz Stereo
6 – 4k50-444 600MHz HDR BT.2020 All Sound
7 – 4k50-444 600MHz HDR BT.2020 Stereo
8 – 4k60-420 12-bit HDR BT.2020 All Sound
9 – 4k60-420 12-bit HDR BT.2020 Stereo
10 – 4k60-420 12-bit BT.2020 All Sound
11 – 4k60-420 12-bit BT.2020 Stereo
12 – 4k60-420 8-bit 300MHz All Sound
13 – 4k60-420 8-bit 300MHz Stereo
14 – 4k30-444 300MHz All Sound
15 – 4k30-444 300MHz Stereo
16 – 4k30-RGB 300MHz All Sound
17 – 4k30-RGB 300MHz Stereo
18 – 4k24-422 12-bit BT.2020 All Sound
19 – 4k24-422 12-bit BT.2020 Stereo
20 – 1080p-444 148MHz All Sound
21 – 1080p-444 148MHz HDR Stereo
22 – 1080p24-444 All Sound
23 – 1080p24-444 Stereo
24 – 1080I-444 All Sound
25 – 1080I-444 Stereo

[AUTOMIX] Enforceable flags available in Automix mode:
Stereo, 5.1, Full Sound, YCbCr, BT2020, 3D Remove, HDR 

Selectable algorithms available in Automix mode:
Min Mixed Capabilities, Max Audio/Min Video, Top Output Priority, Max Audio/Max Video

Note: All options are also available via IR, USB GUI or Android/iOS APP.
To upload a custom EDID or Sniff EDID from sink device, please refer to GUI section p.19