Total control Integral 4K60 444 600MHz

HDfury integral CEC Trigger Button

CEC Trigger Button allows you to send two custom CEC commands on the HDMI/CEC network. Integral TOP output port is the CEC master output. 

[Short Press] on CEC Trigger Button will send CEC1 command. [Long Press] (over 2sec) on CEC Trigger Button will send CEC2 command. 

By default CEC1 is 0F:04 (Display View On, it will turn ON HDMI/CEC capable unit)
By default CEC2 is 0F:36 (Standby, it will turn OFF HDMI/CEC capable device) 

Note: To send LIVE CEC commands or to update the default CEC commands please refer to the USB GUI software for Windows PC at page 15 or the smartphone/tablet APP for Android and iOS at page 17.